Languages Spoken in Taiwan - Mandarin Chinese Language Phrases

Planning to visit Taiwan from United Kingdom and wants to know what are the languages spoken in Taiwan? Learn Mandarin Chinese language quickly and easily from this page with tips on how to learn Mandarin Chinese Language fast.

Main Languages Spoken in Taiwan - Mandarin Chinese Language Phrase Guide for British Nationals

Main Languages Spoken in Taiwan - Mandarin Chinese Language Phrase Guide for British Nationals

Visiting Taiwan from British and want to know how to order your food in Mandarin Chinese? Talk to the locals in Taiwan with our Mandarin Chinese language phrases guide.

Main Languages Spoken in Taiwan: Mandarin Chinese (official), Taiwanese (Min), Hakka dialects.

The Mandarin Chinese language phrases guide shows you how to say the every day phrases to ordering food at restaurants in Taiwan. Order your Mandarin Chinese language phrase guide from here.

Mandarin Chinese Language Lessons Online for BeginnersThere are several free Mandarin Chinese language lesson for beginners, with basic Mandarin Chinese phrases and video clips to help you pronounce Mandarin Chinese words easily.

Mandarin Chinese Language Lessons Online for BusinessAre you looking for Mandarin Chinese language courses for you or your company’s staff? Several Mandarin Chinese language schools in your area offer private Mandarin Chinese tuition classes or small Mandarin Chinese classes.

Mandarin Chinese Language Apps - With Mandarin Chinese language App you can leave your bulky Mandarin Chinese language dictionary and Mandarin Chinese exercise textbooks at home and load up on these mobile Mandarin Chinese apps that will have you speaking the Mandarin Chinese language in no time.

Tips on How to Learn Mandarin Chinese Language Fast

Learning Mandarin Chinese language does not need to be a slow or tedious process. You can speed up the process the Mandarin Chinese language, despite the fact it requires hard work and effort.

Follow the tips below on how to learn Mandarin Chinese language phrases fast, and you will be on your way to mastering Mandarin Chinese language quicker than you ever imagined.

  • Set short term language learning goals with focus on specific, tangible outcomes in Mandarin Chinese language.
  • Learn the right words - Strategize and prioritize your learning by focusing on top 300 words in Mandarin Chinese language.
  • Use flashcards to learn Mandarin Chinese language faster.
  • Start using Mandarin Chinese language all day, every day, and use your normal everyday activities as part of your language learning process.
  • Watch movies Mandarin Chinese language and use subtitles
  • Seek out real-life practice - Get talking right away in Mandarin Chinese language, from the very early stages of your language learning journey!

How Can You Sound More Like Native Mandarin Chinese Speaker?

The first question we need to address is why you want to sound more like a native speaker in Taiwan.

Lots of language learners of Mandarin Chinese language do not too much about pronunciation. They think that as long as people can get what they are saying, that’s all that matters.

Ofcouse, there is some truth in this: you do not need a perfect accent in Mandarin Chinese language to communicate well with native speakers in Taiwan.

But the more you sound like a native speaker, the easier it is for them to understand you. And the easier it is for people to understand you, the more they enjoy talking to you. This comes in handy, given that you need to talk to people to learn their language in Taiwan.

What Are The Best Tips to Improve Your Speaking Skills in Mandarin Chinese Language?

Here are some ideas for how you can work on this aspect of your speaking Mandarin Chinese Language.

  • Speak to yourself or a plant or a pet in Mandarin Chinese Language
  • Use Mandarin Chinese language app
  • Always speak in full sentences
  • Practice thinking in Mandarin Chinese Language
  • Learn words in chunks
  • Learn filling words
  • Take time to practice speaking
  • Listen to the sound of words as they are really pronounced
  • Work on where the language comes from in your mouth
  • Do sentence building exercises
  • Record yourself speaking in Mandarin Chinese Language

What Are The Common Phrases You Need to Know in Mandarin Chinese language?

When you want to start making conversation in Mandarin Chinese language, it is always a good idea to know a few basic phrases in Mandarin Chinese language.

Here are some useful phrases to help you engage in a conversation in Mandarin Chinese language.

  • Hello
  • My name is ________. What’s yours?
  • Please and Thank You
  • I don’t speak your language well
  • I’m sorry/excuse me
  • Can you please repeat that?
  • Goodbye
  • I need help
  • Call the ambulance/police
  • Where is the restroom/bathroom?
  • How much does this cost?
  • Numbers 1-100
  • Do you speak English?

What Are The Important Phrases in Mandarin Chinese Language to Get Information?

When traveling to Taiwan from British, it is not easy to plan for everything ahead of time. Sometimes you need to ask questions in Mandarin Chinese language to get information. Here are some common questions you are likely to use.

  • Where is…?
  • How do I get to…?
  • Can you show me on a map?
  • Could you write that down
  • What is this?
  • Do you have..?
  • Do you have anything cheaper?
  • Do you like…?
  • What is the best…?
  • What do you recommend?
  • How do you say…?
  • Where can I…?
  • How far is…?

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