Things to Do in Zambia for Travellers from United Kingdom

Zambia is an unique and captivating country that can make any visitors from United Kingdom to fall in love with as it has tons to delight you with, including the historical Zambian heritage monuments, interesting food and culture as well as the magnificence urban centers, such as the capital city, Lusaka. Learn from more from this page.

Zambia Tourist Information for Travellers from the United Kingdom

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There are various tourist activities in Zambia which a traveller from the United Kingdom can undertake. These include visiting major tourist attractions in Zambia, adventures such as hiking and kayaking as well as organised tours in Zambia. If you require information such as Zambian consulate contact details , visa info for Zambia, and other travel information please use the dropdown menu, below.

  • Tourist Attractions in Zambia Big and small, urban or rural, Zambian cities have hundreds of years of history and that displays the indescribable Zambia charm that makes them such a delight to visit. If you are travelling from the United Kingdom to Zambia, then click on Top Tourist Attractions in Zambia.
  • Places to Visit in Zambia - Many travellers from the United Kingdom, especially those visiting Zambia for the first time, only visit Lusaka. And yes, you do need to visit the capital. Here’s a primer on where you might go, all places to visit in Zambia that have been tourist tested by countless other travelers from the United Kingdom and elsewhere.
  • Things to Do in Zambia - With so much to see and do in Zambia, it’s hard to narrow it down to the essentials while still having an experience that’s a good balance of everything the Zambia has to offer for visitors from the United Kingdom. We have selected the some places which are well known, others off the beaten path to help you plan a long weekend, a longer trip, or even your next few visits in Zambia from Things to Do in Zambia.

Travelling from the United Kingdom to Zambia - Top Tips for Getting The Best Out of Your Trip to Zambia

  • Make sure to read the descriptions of the excursions as some tours may require you to wear or bring certain clothing and equipment.
  • Look for excursions in Zambia that you think you will enjoy rather than being pushed into something you will not like by travel agents or tour guides.
  • Find out all the essential information on travel excursions in Zambia, such as how to find the best deals and where to purchase them from prior to leaving the United Kingdom.

  • For big, busy Zambian events if possible book in advance from the United Kingdom.
  • Check out the events reviews and ratings from fellow travellers, before booking.
  • Do some research on upcoming events in Zambia before leaving the United Kingdom so you know what to pack, wear and bring to the events.
  • Inquire essential information on events in , such as finding the best event and festival deals prior to leaving the United Kingdom.

Travelling from the UK to Zambia? Tips For Using City Tour Passes In AfghanistanZambia

  • Always plan before leaving the United Kingdom, research the tourist attractions and services included in the City Passes available in the United Kingdom.
  • Compare whether it is cheaper and easier using the Lusaka City Pass than travelling to each attraction on your own.
  • Look out for any special discounts or coupons on tours and tourist attractions in the United Kingdom.
  • Check the reviews and ratings of the Lusaka City Pass before purchasing it.
  • Make sure to make the most out of your Tourist Attraction City Pass as they have an expiration date.
  • Be sure to check the terms and conditions along with the benefits the Lusaka City Pass offers before purchasing.
  • Before departing the United Kingdom, try and pack two currency cards instead of just one.

Travelling from the United Kingdom? Tips For What Travel Guides To Use In Zambia

Love Travelling? Use a Travel Guide to Plan Your Dream Trip in Zambia!

  • To get the best out of your holiday in Zambia it is highly recommended you look at various travel guides to plan your trip.
  • Using Independent Online Guides written by Zambian locals can often be the best way to experience a city.
  • Crowdsourced Travel Guides such as TripAdvisor are great as they have everything a London Heathrow Airport tourist wants to know.
  • Miscellaneous Travel Guide Websites are highly popular with young London Heathrow Airport travellers Traditional Travel Guide Books are also good to use when looking for Zambian museums, tourist sights and attractions.
  • Inquire essential information on travel guides for Zambia, such as how to find the best travel guide and where to look for them prior to leaving the United Kingdom.

What is The Night Life Like in Zambia for Travellers from the United Kingdom?

Travelling to Lusaka or any other cities in Zambia from the United Kingdom and wants to know the what are the good night hangout places, best places to eat in Zambia or what do the locals in Zambia do at night? Use the links and information below to learn more about the nightlife in Zambia.

  • View our Nightlife in Zambia for visitors from the United Kingdom which includes recommendations on where to find the best bars and clubs in the Zambian capital, Lusaka. If clubbing does not take your fancy then a quiet drink may do. Bars in Lusaka which offer a social drink and a chance to meet new people in Zambia.
  • Eating out is one of the many pleasures of visiting Zambia. For anyone travelling from the United Kingdom, Lusaka will bring you a huge diversity of meal types, but we strongly recommend to get out of the centre of Lusaka to discover the best places where you can eat the good Zambian food at affordable prices.
  • Lusaka is a great place with a wide range of things to do at night for any visitors from the United Kingdom. If you want to go for a glamorous night out visiting musical concerts, orchestra or cinema then visit Food in Zambia.

What Types of Accommodation Are Available in Zambia for Travellers?

Travelling to Zambia and need a place to stay? From stylish design hotels in the cities of Zambia to budget hostels in the rural areas - find the best accommodation options for your stay in Lusaka and other cities in Zambia here.

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